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2021 is coming and our blog will be part of the new year

Driehaus Insurance Group is excited to launch our blog in 2021. We know that insurance is a critical part of your personal and business life. It is not a commodity; it cannot be evaluated just on price and the building the right program is how you protect what matters to you.

Our articles will touch on risk management, safety, tools used in the insurance underwriting process and some of our takes on coverages and policy forms. Insurance is a tool best not used, and we want to keep you in the group that avoids the need to file a claim.

We know you find these articles to be interesting and shine some light on terms and products that you hear about but may not know the details. We will not quote policy language, even insurance folks like us know when to stop.

Our staff will be creating the content you will see. It will reflect a range of experiences from people with over 35 years in the business to a new producer just beginning his career on the agency side of the relationship. You will learn about us from how we approach a product that you depend on every day. We want you to be confident in your choice to make Driehaus Insurance Group your insurance advisor and agent.

So Happy Holidays and we look forward to the new year and new opportunities.


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