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Benefits Overview

We are ready to serve all your Life, Disability, Long Term Care and Group Benefits needs

Benefits Overview

We are Ready when You Are

Driehaus Insurance Group is ready to serve all your Life, Disability, Long Term Care and Group Benefits needs. Our Benefits Specialist has more than 25 years of experience working with individual and commercial clients.


Coverages for Individuals

We work with dozens of top insurance carriers to offer a comprehensive array of product in each of the following areas:

  • Life insurance

  • Disability insurance

  • Long-term care insurance


Coverages for Businesses

Protecting business owners and executives as well as key-employees:

  • Buy-Sell Coverage

  • Key Person Insurance

  • Guaranteed Issue Disability Coverage

  • Business Valuation

  • Employee Benefits

  • Business Overhead Insurance

  • Voluntary Payroll Deduction Life Insurance

[ Learn more about our products and services.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important piece of financial protection and it should be reviewed and re-evaluated every so often as our personal situations’ changes. Marriage, divorce, buying a house, birth of a child and starting a business are all important life events that will likely have an impact on your life insurance need. Studies show that people who own life insurance feel more comfortable and in control of their financial security.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is one of the most affordable types of life insurance you can buy. It provides coverage for a specific period of time, or "term" (for example, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years). Some companies also offer a Return of Premium (ROP) rider, giving you the opportunity to recover all your policy premiums paid at the end of the coverage period!

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance protects you for your lifetime, and your premiums will remain level with most carriers. Whole life gives you the confidence to know that the people you love are protected—both now and later.

Universal Life Insurance

Like a whole life policy, a universal life policy lets you build cash value, and offers flexible premium payments to fit your needs and your budget.


Life Insurance Review

Call or email us today for a no obligation Life Insurance Review. We want to ensure you understand your current policy provisions, limits, and possible expiration dates. In additions we will review your beneficiary.

LIfe Insurance
Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance planning is a key component of a sound financial plan as the odds that a disability might strike are greater than most people believe. You might have Disability Insurance at work, and it is important you understand the coverage provisions, taxation, and benefit limits. A combination of Employer provided, and Individually owned coverage might be an optimal solution.

Disability Insurance Review

Employer provided and individually owned disability insurance policy provisions can be both complex and confusing. Understanding the waiting period, benefit amount, own occupation definition, benefit taxation and monthly policy limits are crucial to ensure you have the proper coverage based on your needs. Contact us today for a disability insurance review.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance is designed to pay benefits when you have an impairment to two activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, transferring or continence. This means that it is not “nursing home” insurance.  Todays LTC policies are often structured with a death benefit in addition to a cash benefit to cover qualified nursing home or home healthcare expenses.
You need an experienced benefits consultant to help you evaluate your needs and the available products that are available. Reach out to Cory for a consultation Long Term Care Consultation Request

Long Term Care
Buy-Sell Coverage
Buy-Sell Coverage

For many small businesses, the death or disability of a principal can be devastating.  A buy–sell insurance policy, coupled with a formal buy-sell agreement, can provide the funds needed to allow the business to transfer to the successor smoothly. Life and Disability Insurance are two key options to provide the needed funds.  Not only can this aid in the transition of the business ownership, but it will show your employees, customers, and creditors you have stability to continue operating.  
Driehaus Insurance Group understands this need and can help you make the insurance placement to protect your business.

Key Person Insurance

In many businesses there are key employees that drive the success of the firm. Loss of one of these employees can cause significant business interruption, revenue loss and the potential for the business to fail. Key Person Insurance provides a payment in the event of death or disability of a key person. These funds can help the firm make the transition required and continue operations.

We understand this need and will help you make the right choices around this difficult topic.

Key Person Insurance
Guaranteed Issue
Guaranteed Issue Disability Insurance

Relying on a Group Long Term Disability (LTD) plan at work can leave high earning executives and other key employees underinsured due to the policy benefits limits. While LTD plans offer valuable benefits, they might not provide the comprehensive income protection needed in some cases.
Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) plans provide a potential solution to this issue. They can be designed on an employer pay all basis or as a voluntary offering. GSI plans can fill holes in the LTD plan, providing higher levels of coverage or higher maximum benefits. Guaranteed Issue is generally available for as few as five employees and in some cases down to 3 employees!

Business Valuation Program

Establishing a value of a business is complex and can be expensive. Still, its imperative to know the value in order to create a proper succession plan and possible exit strategy. One of our valued insurance carrier partners can provide this valuation free of charge. Call or email us today for additional information of this unique opportunity.

Business Valuation
Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits

Together with a regional partner, Driehaus Insurance Group can help design and implement a top-notch employee benefits program for your employees. Products offered would include group health insurance, vision & dental insurance, life insurance, short & long term disability insurance, voluntary products such as accident and cancer policies, wellness programs and FSA accounts. Self-funding and other advance products are also available for groups looking to go beyond the traditional fully insured group health products. Call us today for a comprehensive review of your current program. Employee Benefits Review

Business Overhead Insurance

For small business owners, attorneys and dentist, traditional disability insurance replaces your income in case of a disability. What about the rent, debt service, and employee wages that are still due when you are unable to work? Business Overhead Insurance can be a solution to keep the lights on and your business running while you recover.
Driehaus Insurance Group can help you manage this often-overlooked loss exposure. We can help you plan and place the protection you need.

Business Overhead
Voluntary Payroll
Guaranteed Issue Voluntary Payroll Deduction Life Insurance

Voluntary benefits are a popular way for employers to offer their employees additional benefits without incurring addition premium costs. At Driehaus Insurance Group we have access to several such programs through our carrier partners, including an extremely popular and successful program through The Cincinnati Life Insurance Company. Call us for more information how you can offer additional voluntary payroll deduction life insurance with guaranteed issue amounts up to $100,000. The individually issued policies are owned by the employees, giving them the opportunity to keep the coverage even after termination or retirement.

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