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Personal Umbrella

We put together a policy to extend over all of your personal lines exposures

Personal Umbrella

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Coverage that stabilizes those unique situations


Umbrella Liability or Excess Liability goes over top of your homeowner’s liability insurance, your automobile policy and other liability coverage such as for your boat or ATV. This allows you to get higher levels of protection against a large claim at a reasonable cost. If you have accumulated assets, you need to protect them.

We always want to work with our customers to coordinate their entire insurance portfolio. Not having the entire program in synch may leave some liability exposures that are not covered by your umbrella. Driehaus Insurance Group can make sure we address these issues.


If you watch TV, you know that litigation is big business. As the litigation explosion continues, you need to be sure that you have the additional layer of coverage that will provide both extended defense cost protection as well as coverage for a liability claim. Your personal umbrella coverage provides this protection.

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