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Shipping Insurance


Custom coverage that goes beyond the borders of typical coverage


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Marine coverage goes beyond the borders of typical insurance policies


You don’t have to own a boat to need marine insurance. If you have mobile equipment, installation projects, transit needs, cargo or warehouse liability exposures, then you might need inland marine coverage. If you are importing or exporting goods or have off shore manufacturing or processing you need ocean marine insurance.


A builders’ risk policy is imperative if you are rehabilitating or renovating a historic building. Driehaus Insurance Group has the experience and expertise to help you insure not only the real property but also exposures from loss of historic tax credits and costs related to delays in the project from a loss.


Inland marine also includes contractors’ equipment policies, legal liability coverages for motor carriers and warehousemen and a wide variety of specialty coverages for fine arts, and property that isn’t even at your location. From fine arts to a bulldozers, we help you insure your assets.


If your business extends off shore, we help you with ocean marine coverage that can provide door to door protection for your goods. 

Driehaus Insurance Group can place coverage for your most complex marine needs.

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