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30 Garfield Place Suite 620

Cincinnati Ohio 45202

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Email  | info.support@driehausins.com


Dan Driehaus CIC

President CEO

P | 513-977-6861
E | ddriehaus@driehausins.com

Chuck Honkomp CPCU

Vice President

P | 513-996-7800
E | chonkomp@driehausins.com


Mike Crisler CIC

Marketing Director, Account Manager

P | 513-977-6865
E | mcrisler@driehausins.com


Jennifer Kemper ACSR

Commercial Account Executive

P | 513-977-6862
E | jkemper@driehausins.com


Pam Walerius

Personal Account Manager

P | 513-977-6863
E | pwalerius@driehausins.com

Holly Cummings

Personal Account Manager

P | 513-977-6864
E | hcummings@driehausins.com


Maureen Boeing

Operations Manager

P | 513-977-6860
E | mboeing@driehausins.com


Chris Beckman CFPS SFPE ARM

Risk Consultant

P | 513-996-7801
E | cbeckman@driehausins.com

Kåre “Corey” Backstrom CLU

Life & Disability Specialist

P | 513-977-6860 ext 6867

M | 513-607-9047
E | kbackstrom@driehausins.com

Daniel Hoffer CLCS AINS

Insurance Agent

P | 513-214-3380

M | 513-706-5730
E | dhoffer@driehausins.com

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