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Fleet insurance


Specialized coverage designed to guide you through risks for your safe operation

Fleet Operations

We pick up our phones

A fleet of vehicles brings with it a significant loss exposure. From physical damage to liability for injuries or damage in the event of an accident, you need insurance that travels with you.

With the fleet comes the need for an insurance agent to guide you through the risk management and risk control efforts that support a safe fleet operation. If you don’t speak BASIC or DOT, call us – we pick up our phones.

Do you need transit coverage for the goods you move? Do you need cargo liability for goods of others? If you are not sure, you need our help with marine coverages that accompany fleet operations.

Do you have employees using their own vehicles for company business? How does this affect your liability? We know the answers and will help you protect your interests.

Driehaus Insurance can help you with the technical insurance details as well as the practical Risk Management programs.

Fleet Safety Information

Safe driving is a collection of habits that are developed and repeated until they are automatic. We can all use a reminder about those best habits. We have found a unique driver safety coach who has his own approach to driver training. Click on the button for a driver safety training session from John Cadogan Top Five Safe Driving Tips

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