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Business autos


Coverage designed for just a few autos to an entire fleet of vehicles.

Commercial Auto

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Commercial auto is a complicated product that contains many options. Believe it or not, you can be exposed to commercial auto liability even if your business does not possess automobiles. You need an insurance agency that can help you choose the coverages that suit your vehicles and their use. From selecting the right liability limits we can protect your physical damage expenses. How does your program address underinsured and uninsured issues? Do you need coverage for your business use of rental cars? Do you need coverage for your employees who drive on your behalf? We consider all the variables in covering your business automobile exposures.


Fleet operations are sensitive to proactive risk management efforts. Do you speak BASIC? If not, you may be missing the opportunity to improve your fleet profile that is visible to law enforcement, insurers and the public. Our risk management expertise means we can help you navigate the options of driver monitoring and fleet compliance programs.

Fleet Safety Information

Safe driving is a collection of habits that are developed and repeated until they are automatic. We can all use a reminder about those best habits. We have found a unique driver safety coach who has his own approach to driver training. Click on the button for a driver safety training session from John Cadogan Top Five Safe Driving Tips

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