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Liability insurance


Customized coverage on the liabilities of your business and services provided

General Liability

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Liability Coverage that is as Broad as Your Needs

Liability exposure can be related to your premises, the products you sell, or the services you provide. You may have signed agreements that require you to assume liabilities of others. Your liability coverages are there to provide protection when another party is injured or suffers property damage and you are responsible.

Are you a subcontractor that must provide specific insurance to meet contractual obligations? The insurance contract must be selected that responds to your exposures. Construction and service providers have special coverage needs.

Commercial liability and product liability require an in-depth understanding of your operations and your business. Driehaus Insurance Group takes the time to learn about your business and build an insurance program to protect your interests. From slip-and-fall concerns to a complex product liability program, you can count on our expertise to protect your interests. Our risk management services can be important in controlling liability exposures.

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