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Historic property insurance


Coverage with the experience to interpret the requirements and focus on the exposure

Property Risks - 

Historic Properties

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Property insurance is not just setting a value. We know that different policy forms have different clauses for what is covered and what is the valuation at time of loss. Do you have a historic building? We make sure that the insurance program recognizes the architectural elements and the difference in value between plaster medallions and a suspended ceiling.  Renovating or rehabilitating an older structure? We help you place the builders’ risk or installation floater that is needed to cover this work. We understand the structure and use of tax credits and how to insure this exposure in the event of a loss.

Protecting historic properties is a challenge. Integrating modern fire protection and detection systems into an architectural environment that never contemplated these systems is difficult. We have the experience in working with these questions to help you make the best choices. Visit our Risk Management coverage.

Property risks require an understanding of the entire process that takes place within your walls. Our understanding of how property hazard control, property protection programs and insurance underwriting standards come together makes Driehaus Insurance Group your property expert.

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