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Homeowners Insurance

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Driehaus is here to Protect your Home

There are six major homeowner’s insurance forms that vary by what is covered, the valuation clauses and the extent of coverage. This is a selection process that does not work well within an online 15-minute tool. We match your needs to the correct product to deliver the best coverage possible. 

We can also work with special needs such as high-value and historic homes. We understand the unique needs of our customers and can build an insurance program just for you. If your portfolio includes a second home or investment property, we can help you cover these properties with a homeowners’ policy if they qualify. We can also provide commercial policies for investment properties outside the scope of a homeowner’s policy.

A home business may require additional coverage in your homeowners’ policy. You need to be sure your business is properly insured. Driehaus Insurance possesses the knowledge and expertise to identify and propose coverage against any liability exposures that may require additional coverage.

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