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Civic organizations


Coverage for the people that work to improve our community

Civic Organizations

& Non-Profits

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The people that work to improve our community through arts, social improvement programs, education, senior services and neighborhood development enhance our lives and community. What they do not need is uncertainty around the liabilities and insurance concerns for their work. We have served as board members and organization presidents. Let us protect your interests while you serve the interests of others in our community.

Driehaus Insurance Group will evaluate your property insurance needs. Property coverage is needed for your owned property and leased or rented properties. 

The liability protection needed for your organization extends beyond standard liability policies. Coverage is needed for your board of directors, volunteers and the professional liability for services provided.

A data breach would have significant financial impact on your organization. To protect your organization against this risk, the data gathered on clients and donors should be covered with a cyber-liability policy.

The automobile exposure may need to include coverage for your staff and volunteers when they use their vehicles for your business purposes. This is something that is often overlooked when building the policy.

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