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Personal Articles

Customized coverage for your personal and unique items that fit outside the box

Personal Articles

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Protecting those unique items in your life.

Most homeowners’ insurance policies offer limited coverage for jewelry, art, weaponry & battlements, coins, and other collectibles. If you have these types of property, you require a personal articles floater added to your homeowners’ insurance program. The professionals at Driehaus Insurance will help you identify the need for this type of coverage and find the right plan for your valuable property.

Personal articles coverage depends on you having the proper appraisals and information to value the insured items. Driehaus Insurance Group can help you understand what is needed and how to protect not only the items but the critical documentation to support a claim.

There may be discounts available for protective measures that are taken to secure high value items. Our risk management expertise can assist with information on safes, vaults, alarms and other protective systems and processes. The best claim is one that never happens.

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