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Personal Auto

The most common insurance with unique coverage tailored to the individual & family

Personal Auto

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Coverage You can Count On!

The most common insurance claim for most families and individuals is an automobile claim. Most families want to be sure they have the right coverage at the right cost. Offers that 15 minutes will save you 15% may not tell you how the 15% price reduction is accomplished. Only paying for what you need, and a price tool are what you hear every day. All of these messages discount the attention to detail needed to make sure you are properly protected.

We help you understand the how your insurance is priced, and how you influence the costs you pay. Discounts for safety systems, driver training, driver monitoring are all options that exist. If you have young drivers, identifying good student, driver’s education and driver monitoring tools can help you protect the driver as well as your budget. If you have a classic car or a collectible vehicle, we get the right coverage for your prized possession.

Many of the programs that focus on price do so by quoting liability limits that are state minimum limits. These limits are too low to provide reasonable protection to you in the event of a severe accident. We do not quote auto insurance at state minimum limits. We do not believe this serves your best interests and is simply inadequate protection.

Fleet Safety Information

Safe driving is a collection of habits that are developed and repeated until they are automatic. We can all use a reminder about those best habits. We have found a unique driver safety coach who has his own approach to driver training. Click on the button for a driver safety training session from John Cadogan Top Five Safe Driving Tips

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