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Essential Tips for Vacation Readiness: How to Get Prepared to Relax and Unwind

As summer arrives the season for road trips is upon us. As you plan your trip, take a few moments, and consider whether your vehicle is ready for the trip.

  • Tires should be inspected for proper tread depth and inflation. If you have tires with slow leaks, have them repaired before you are stranded alongside the road. Tires that have bulges in the sidewalls or cracks visible should be replaced.

  • Check your spare tire, jack and tire iron are ready. Take a moment to review the directions for use and proper jack placement.

  • Check all of your fluids. Have the fluids been changed recently, and would a change be required on your trip? It is easier to do the fluid maintenance before you leave instead of trying to find a vendor along the road.

  • Check the condition of your belts and hoses. It is easier to replace them now than have a breakdown.

  • Check your cooling system and flush the system if it is due for this service.

  • Check your air filter and change if needed.

  • Have you changed your cabin air filter? If you are going to be in the car for a long trip, having fresh filtered air is refreshing.

  • Check all lights, including headlights, taillights, turn signals and emergency flashers.

  • Refill your windshield washer reservoir. Have some window cleaner and towels in your car for bug storm removal.

  • Check for paperwork, registration, insurance card and any roadside assistance numbers.

  • Do you have an atlas or paper map? If GPS or cell service is not available, you need a second method of navigation. Use this as a teaching moment for those who have not used maps.

  • Clean out your car so you can find everything quickly. Put a trash bag in the car to collect debris as you travel.

  • Plan your routes to allow for adequate rest periods. Fatigued driving can ruin your vacation.

  • Vacations are exciting and you should be prepared for the unexpected. Having a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and other breakdown supplies in the car can relieve the uncertainty of the trip.

Other planning steps beyond the vehicle...

  • When you leave town ask if your police department can do vacation checks on your home. Many agencies offer this service, and it can help secure your property against burglary. You can use timers to turn some lights on and off while you are away. With smart home technology, you can do this with your smartphone.

  • Check any alarm system for proper operation and verify the contact numbers for your alarm system. Is there an alternate keyholder that can respond if needed?

  • Consider turning off your main water valve when you leave home. This would prevent a plumbing failure from flooding your home while you are away.

The Driehaus Difference

You work hard and need a good vacation to relax and recharge your energy. We work to protect you from the unexpected with an expertly crafted insurance program. Reach out to us at 513-977-6860 to discuss your needs or ask us a question. You can also use our website, to contact us at any time. We want to be your insurance provider.









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